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Building a CAD Support Team - Part 2

Your Teams…

Build ‘em before you need ‘em.  Don't wait until a crisis hits to start pulling together these teams.  You need them in place, functional and ready when you need them.

Gather people with different talents.  Don't make the teams too homogenous.  Have a few on each team that don't fit the mold.  Make sure they can function well together though.  You do not want some cranky squeaky wheel stopping up the works

Engender Loyalty.  Make sure that they are loyal to you and the group.  Build unity and keep them working toward a common goal.  They should be ready to defend your decisions and the groups progress.

Delegate responsibility based on ability.  Give the right job to the right person.  Don't ask your biggest complainer to develop the rules.  Have them review and critic the work of others.

Don’t lock out the squeaky wheels.  A reminder to keep a critic around.  It is better to find out what the negative side of things will be before you roll it out to everyone.

Understand your own strengths.  Build the teams to support or cover your weakness.  If you are not good at making deadlines, get someone who is to help out.  If you hate the details, ask a detail person to refine your work.

Recognize and respect the strengths of others.  Not everyone should be a copy of you.  Get people who may have great talents in an area that you lack.  compliment at all times.  Always encourage.

Blend differences among team members and harness the unique abilities of each member.  Assign tasks based on unique talents.  Give the big thinkers the global perspective jobs.  Assign the detailed work to an organized person.