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Destination CAD

I have worked for Architectural firms that design Destination Architecture.  Theme Parks, Restaurants, Resorts, Hospitality, Hotels, etc.  The term is associated with places where people would like to go.

I have embraced this concept and want to apply it to CAD.  So consider this an introduction to Destination CAD.  Destination CAD is an environment where people want to be.  It creates a buzz in your industry about your firm.  It develops a place where people want to work. 

Don't underestimate the reputation of your firm amongst the CAD community.  Word gets around among users and your reputation may proceed you.  This can be a good thing or a bad thing.

If you have created a negative environment, then users may not be encouraged to seek employment with your firm.  It actually generates a situation that deters professional from desiring to join in.  I have heard people mention firms where they would not like to work and workers who desire to leave the company they are with because of the CAD environment.

So here are some areas that will make your firm a Destination CAD environment.

  1. Destination CAD has a solid Standard.  Users want to know what is required of them and have a logical easy to understand Standard that provides the answers to the questions that they will ask about producing drawings.  Check out the areas that I have defined as needed. 
  2. Destination CAD has up-to-date software.  Most folks do not want to work in a location that is 3 or 4 releases behind the industry.  This does not mean that you can't be on 2004 or 2005 software, but you sure should not still be on release 14.
  3. Destination CAD has custom content that works.  It is solidly developed tool palettes and content that works.  It is AutoLISP functions that consistently work.
  4. Destination CAD is a learning environment.    It would schedule internal training and send people to things like CAD Camp and AU and reseller training and online webcasts and...
  5. Destination CAD pushes the envelope.  It would encourage experimentation (but no on production files).  When new people join the team you would ask them about the firm they came from and how they did things.  It would take good ideas from any direction and put the best ones in practice.
  6. Destination CAD would have a large tool belt.  By this I mean that it would have a number of tools to get the job done.  Maybe multiple CAD platforms and Third party software.  Little utilities that get the job done.
  7. Destination CAD has ample support staff.  The rule of thumb I use is one hour of support for each user.  So if you have 40 users - you should have one full time support person.
  8. Destination CAD values sharing.  Users do not not hoard information.  It is shared among users and staff.  When a new trick is learned - it is passed on.  When a better method of production is developed it is applied to all projects.