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Dynamic Block Standards

Dynamic Blocks are a welcome and refreshing addition to AutoCAD 2006.  Just when you thought that there was not much more that could be done to AutoCAD to increase productivity and reduce management headaches, along come DBlocks.

Now these time saving tools are great for getting more bang from your block libraries, but there does need to be some contemplation on Standards as they affect the creation and use of DBlocks.

Block Creation:  When setting up DBlocks you should keep in mind that others may need to work on your blocks at some later date.  Even when you create them yourself we often forget what we did and how we did it when we return to the block to make some changes.  Here are a few tips to keep things organized as you begin working with DBlocks.

Place Parameters in a standard location.  Keep all of your parameters in one area when creating DBlocks.  Keep p them on the right side or left side or top or bottom, but don't place them randomly appear around your graphics.

Flip Parameters

Place them in the center of the object or next to the item that flips.  Locate them at the same point so users can flip items back and forth without moving their mouse.  If the item is stretched think thru where you want the flip parameter to appear.  Should it be centered always (which would move the location when the item is stretched) or should it remain stationary.

 Visibility and Lookup Parameters

Think about placing interactive list in the same location for all blocks so that users are use to seeing the same thing in the same location.

Consider grouping size, rotation, scale, etc in specific locations for all blocks. 

Actions: Keep them organized

Place actions in an orderly manner.  Start with the smallest numbers at the bottom and move up. 

Keep Actions together that reference the same Parameter. 

Group actions in columns.

Renaming: Give things a good name

Change the default names of all Actions and Parameters.  Don't leave them what they are by default called.  Add or rename the actions based on what they will do.  If you place a Flip Action, rename it to Flip Horizontal or Flip across hinge, or Flip around pole.

Dynamic Block Properties:

Do you want them to be explodable?  You can set that when they are created using the BEDIT command and checking the properties dialog box for the setting.