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Traits of a Good CAD User - Part 2

Trait 6: They are involved

Good Users are involved in multiple areas. They not only keep their eyes open for the latest CAD tips and tricks, but they are involved in the overall production of the office. They help other users when they encounter troubles and they help management understand CAD issues.

Trait 7: They look for improvements

They constantly are looking for ways to get the job done quicker. You know who they are, the ones that always seem to have some new trick up their sleeve. They ones that are providing you with a little known system variable that sets the drawings right. They never seem to be satisfied with the way things are. They are looking for better ways of production.

Trait 8: They are eager to learn

It seems like they are forever searching the net, reading the book, talking to others. They want to take classes, attend AUGI CAD Camp, AU and other events. They belong to Local User Groups. They interact with other users outside the firm. They are listening and watching web casts during lunch. They are a sponge, soaking up any and every learning opportunity provided.

Trait 9: They really listen to others

Really good users listen when others speak. They are cordial in conversations that may call into question their practices and processes. They are willing to hear out the opposing argument. After that they enter into conversation to reach agreement, refinement, adjustment or modification to their existing methods.

Trait 10: They are team players

They are full invested in he outcome of the group. They cover for the team. They go the extra mile to make the project team succeed. They don't grab for the spotlight nor do they claim all the glory when it may have been them that came up with the answer to a puzzling question that dogged the team. They are willing to fix problems in files that are slowing the team down.

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