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Traits of a Good CAD User - Part 4

Trait 16: They don't ignore problems in files

They really are unable to ignore problems in files. It bugs them too much. They realize that they will not be able to work as fast as they need to if the files are not correct. So they take the time to get a file in shape before they move on. And they work it into the schedule.

Trait 17: They share their wealth of knowledge

When they find out an answer, they share it. When they discover a new trick, they share it. When they hear of a new method, they discuss it. It is all pointed at getting better and better at CAD and BIM.

Trait 18: They are Beta testers

These users can't wait to get their hands on the next release of software. They sign up for beta programs and spend hours poking at the next release. When it rolls out, they are ready.

Trait 19: They know when to blow the whistle

They don't let things slide that will get the project in trouble. They are willing to speak up and stop the presses when the project is getting derailed by bad files, bad users or bad standards. They know that an ignored problem today will become a problem that cannot be ignored later. They understand that getting it done right the first time, takes time but it really saves time. No one likes a squealer so they know how to address problems without accusing and condemning.

Trait 20: Add your own.  

What do you do that makes you a good CAD User that is not on my list?  E-mail me