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What CAD Manager want from Users

We looked at what CAD Users want from their CAD Manager, so now we turn the tables and talk about what CAD Managers want from the Users.  CAD Managers of course are in business to serve their users and keep them productive, but there are some things that CAD Managers wish their users would be doing. 


CAD Managers want users to be followers.  They want users who follow the CAD Standard, follow the proper procedures, follow the guidelines, follow the project or client standards and so forth.  When users do not follow the published guidelines, then files and projects start going awry.

Full disclosure

When the CAD Manager is trying to determine what has happened to a bad CAD file, they need the whole story.  I have done some investigations into CAD problems over the years and have often felt that I was not getting the whole story.  CAD Managers need to know all of the information related to what happened to cause the problem.  The CAD Manager perspective needs to be fixing the problem, not placing the blame.  When the environment is one of open and honest full disclosure it will only work if no one seeks to place blame.


This may sound weird, but I think CAD Managers need to hear your complaints and opinions.  They need to know what your pain points are.  When the users shares his real opinions they are actually helping the CM get them addressed.

Team players

CAD Managers want users to be team players.  They want users to think beyond their own files to the overall project.  They want users that help others.  They want users that take the time to share tips and tricks.

Attentive learners

They want you to pay attention.  They may not say it but they want you to be attentive to what they are trying to tell you and teach you.

When there is training - sign up.  When there is a lunch and learn - go for more than just a free lunch.  When they send out memo's - read them.

Note Takers

When CAD Managers speak - take notes.  Write down what is discussed, what the conclusion is and what the steps are to do what you have asked about.  Don't just learn for today, learn for the long term by taking notes.


CAD Managers would love to have users who read about CAD.  They want you to read blogs, discussion groups, AUGI forums and more.  Read Cadalyst magazine and AUGI World.