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CAD Manager - your pain, everyone's gain

Whenever the CAD Manager has to work through an issue or troubleshoot a system it takes time and sometimes PAIN.  This pain is the cost of being a CAD Manager and it comes with the territory.  We, as CAD Managers, are use to it.  Taking on someone else's troubles and getting them back into productive work. 

Working on other peoples problems is what CAD Management is all about.  It can get taxing at times and sometimes we think that it is not worth it.  But it is.

Your pain equals much gain for all of your users and clients.  Each time you work through a stubborn problem then it relieves the office from going through the same pain. 

Here are some tips to maximize your efforts...

1.  When you figure out the answer, Write it down.  Share it with everyone.  You never know who might need the information.  Provide it to all users even if they do not seem to think they need it.

2.  Prioritize your efforts.  Dig into the most important items first and put the back burner stuff aside.  The back burner items may be elevated to the Hot List if they come up again. 

3.  Keep track of complaints.  When you hear more people talking and complaining about one are, then you know that it should get some focus.

4.  Let others help.  Talk to others in your office and outside the office to see if they have encountered the problem before.  Let their efforts bolster yours.

5.  Keep the conversations flowing.  Keep talking with users to see what they are having trouble with. 

6.  Keep a lookout for users who are spending to much time on figuring out CAD.  They need to focus on designing and you should be taking on their problems.