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Traits of a Good CAD User

Trait 1: They CARE!

Good CAD Users care about the work they do. They care about what the CAD Standard says. They care about how others will be able to work with their files. They care about making the company look good by creating good files.

Trait 2: They follow good CAD habits

Like purging and using OSNAPS. Axis Lock and Align commands are the tools of their trade. Many users fail to be conscientious about using the basic tools that make the drawings work correctly. They just draw away and don't pay attention to how they are drawing.

Trait 3: They take pride in their work

They realize that the quality of their work is a direct reflection on themselves and the firm. They step up to the plate and put in the extra effort to make things right.

Trait 4: They take responsibility for their actions

They don't shrink back when they have made a mistake. They own up to it and move quickly to fix it. When something goes wrong, I seek to find out why it happened. I am not on a witch hunt, looking to blame someone. I need to know that facts and how things happened so I can narrow down the troubles and eliminate the problem. I have seen many users act in fear as they duck responsibility for doing something wrong. As long as your environment does not create this environment of fear to face the facts, then most users will fess up to what they did.

Trait 5: They do whatever it takes

Getting down and dirty, they are not afraid to do the dirty work. They are willing to go the extra mile. It may mean staying after work a little longer to get it right, or work through lunch to correct someone else's BAD CAD. They take the time to ask the right questions to the right people to get the right answers.

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